Hatkoff-Paikin Tree


This tree begins with Merke Leh Paikin and Nacham Labe Hatkoff.  They had 6 children, all born in Russia, and Merke and the children and their spouses came to the United States. 

Click on each of the children to be taken to a color coded page showing the progeny of 4 more generations of each child.  People in the direct Hatkoff-Paikin line, including spouses of the original 6 children, are represented in color.  The generational lines of children who were adopted or people who married into the family with children from previous marriages are shown with white backgrounds.  Using color for the spouses of the 2nd generation recognizes that they each started the American generations of Hatkoff’s.

Some pages have additional links: Peshe’s tree includes a link to favorite Bruno recipes, but you can also see those recipes and other documents for other branches by clicking on the “specials” button above.

Minnie, Abe, and Peshe were married in Russia before coming to the United States. The males carried the Hatkoff name and the females carried the names of their husbands (Goodkin, Abramson, and Paul).



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Because it is difficult to update these trees, the most complete set of family information can be

found by clicking on the “cards” button at the top of this page.  That takes you to a full data base

that includes many more people and families of spouses who married into the family than can be shown on the tree images.

I have now loaded all the updated Tree information onto Ancestry.com.  If you want to know more, please contact Merle (bruno113@charter.net).  This tree is growing and growing!