Photos with Names


Five photos labeled with names are shown below:

  1.     Collage from the Welcome page of this web site

  2.     Group photo from family party   1950

  3.     Group photo from family party   1945

  4.     Group photo from family party   1928

  5.     Group photo in Russia               1902

Back row
Harry Abramson, Natalie Alvy (Spatz) Daniels, Harry Hatkoff, Harry Goodkin, Charlie  Hatkoff, Harold Hatkoff, George Paul

Middle row
Anna Hatkoff, Anna Paul, Peshe Abramson, Annie Paley, Ethel Etkin

Front row
Libby Paul Kollin, Merle Bruno, Marcia Paley

1902 in Russia

Rear Row
Abe and Charlie Hatkoff,  ??,  Peshe Hatkoff,  Harry Hatkoff,  Anna Hatkoff, ??,  ??,  ??

Front Row
Dora Wilkin Hatkoff (Abe’s wife),  Meyer Goodkin, Minnie Hatkoff Goodkin, 
Merke Leh Paikin Hatkoff (Bubbe),  Nacham Lebe Hatkoff (Zaida), ??’

Children in front
? Sorkin (or Bette Hatkoff?),  Irving Sorkin?

George Paul identified most of the people here.  The ones that are not identified might be Paikin’s or Sorkin’s.  If anyone recognizes anyone here to either correct or add names, please contact Merle.

Some of these photos appear again in the appropriate family tree pages.


Back row:    Harry Goodkin, Sophe Hatkoff, Encye (Anne) Abramson, Leon Hatkoff

3rd row:      ??, Harry Abramson, ?? Harry Hatkoff, Hannah Hatkoff, Anna Minkoff, Simon Etkin, Becky Goodkin, Betty and Harry Feldman, Lou Hatkoff, Lew Abramson, Anne Hatkoff, Anna Paley, Charlie Hatkoff, Anna and Meyer Paul

2nd row:      Peshe (Bessie) Abramson, Ethel Etkin, Davis Etkin (baby), Minnie Goodkin, Abe Hatkoff, Bubbie Merke Lea, ??, Dora (Wilkins) Hatkoff, Edith Feldman, Anna (Levitt) Hatkoff

On floor:      Irving (Isadore) Sorkin, Nathan (Ned) Hatkoff, Nathan Paul, Marge (Maggie) Hatkoff, Sol (Sonny) Hatkoff, Myron (Mike) Hatkoff, Minnie Hatkoff or Beck Goodkin?, Fritzie Minkoff

Front row:   Harold (Havis) Hatkoff, Irwin Feldman, George Paul, Libby Paul.